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Reconnecting to human context
About Humanize Us

HUMANIZE US is a nonprofit organization that truly is for the people and by the people. We are a collection of creative and tech specialists that are donating our time and skills to serve small businesses, nonprofits, small to medium churches, and small to medium schools. Our specific target consists of those that can't afford the top dollar media and marketing agencies to boost their image. If you can't afford to beat the higher market, we want to help you level the playing ground as much as possible. We are 100% donation based, and all proceeds are used to buy supplies or services for the local communities we target to fill their needs. What you give us we give directly back out, and we welcome you to join us in purchasing and presenting these supplies once your project is complete.

"I remember the days where if there was a community need, the community chipped in. I remember days when one of us needed support, we all stepped in. From mom and pop shops keeping an eye on each other, to a school taking in a kid out of the system, to a working parent being able to trust a neighbor to watch the kids, to just needing an ear and a hug every once in a while. There was such a strong sense of community that I've witnessed being seperated by technology bringing a whole new definition to 'age of information'. We stopped talking. We stopped walking across the room. We stopped investing in humanity and social integration in person. Let's start supporting each other again. Let's stop chasing life in the shadows, and stop into the spotlight with each other again. Let's begin reconnecting to human context."

- Kristin Cooke, Founder of Humanize Us

Life Moments

Stories coming soon!

We want to hear about life moments however big or small. The goal is to reconnect people to their humanity aside from technology, but of course using technology as a tool. We want to reinsure people that they will be seen in their own context, instead of the context technology channels like phones, tv, computers, they type behind. It’s going to become so much more. Where one story is told, many can flourish.

Humanize Us, is literally made for ANYONE to share their experiences from a story they remember, to a thing that simply annoyed or moved them the other day, to something they use that needs fixing. The topic in restricted in the sense of "what we are looking for". There will also be panel discussions from companies, moms, dads, kids, kids and moms and dads, cocktail specialists, teachers, nurses, admins, product teams and aspiring business owners, and so much more. The point there is to simply let others feel a connection, and that they are not alone in all the living we do day-to-day. People are not simple data within technology. They are not equivelent to dollars. They are so much more. All funds donated go directly to homes or lack thereof to pay for what people need without worrying about the trust of where donations land.

So we need stories, life moments, lessons, struggles, successes of all kinds. We want to share that wealth of knowledge and warmth with others.

Shoot us an email to learn how to share your stories and real moments in pictures and videos with us here.

Our Partnerships

We partner with many types of nonprofits, and leaders who embrace humanity and not just as the technology and data we create. We don't just want to here life moments of those you aid. We also want to hear life moments from you and your staff!

Shoot us an email if you're interested in connecting.


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While we get our podcast and the rest of the site up and running, feel free to drop us a note or a thought. We would love to hear your story!